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Insurance can be tricky. Ensuring the safety of your club’s property – buildings, equipment, and inventory – as well as those who frequent your facilities – employees, members, and guests – is an important consideration when reviewing your insurance coverage needs.

Without adequate coverage, reimbursement for claims following major losses could fall woefully short, leaving your entire business in serious jeopardy.

To help protect your business from being underinsured, review your operations and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has it been longer than two years since I reviewed coverage with my agent or broker?
  • Does my agent or broker perform regular loss control site visits and make helpful recommendations?
  • Has my business increased in size or scope?
  • Have I added new equipment or business practices since purchasing my policy?
  • Have I taken on new risks since purchasing my policy?
  • Did I opt for less coverage to save money on premiums?

There are great advantages to selecting and working with highly trained experts whose industry focus most closely matches your needs. Brokers who specialize in hospitality risks can be effective advocates. They have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through good decisions that will benefit you and your club.

Look for insurance partners who offer industry advice and consultation through a wealth of resources, including:

  • Coverage reviews and policy archeology
  • Technical bulletins on a wide range of safety and risk management topics
  • Loss control visits throughout the year
  • Help in developing specific loss control programs
  • Interpreting, arranging, and completing insurance documents
  • Claims management services

When it comes to choosing an insurance broker, you should look for someone you can trust, who knows the hospitality industry, and who is competent and knowledgeable.

By David A. Harnois, CCM, CPL

David is a proud employee owner of Affinity Club Underwriters, specializing in commercial and group program business. David provides insurance solutions for hundreds of clubs and may be reached at (319) 800-6676 or at


Affinity Club Underwriters, a division of VGM Insurance Services, is a wholesale program insurance provider specializing in the club, golf and hospitality sector. The exclusive provider of the Affinity Club Program for private and semi-private clubs. An industry-leading insurance program administrator led by club industry experts, and the endorsed program of VGM Club.



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