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Comprehensive Therapy Insurance Solutions


Save Money. Enhance Coverage. Minimize Risk.

PT1 uses group buying power to leverage control over the insurance market and provide rehab practices with the most comprehensive, industry-specific coverage at the lowest prices. Partnering with PT1 can save your practice anywhere between 15-40%.

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Our insurance program was designed by therapy professionals for the unique needs of the therapy industry. Our specialized team is focused only on you!

Enhanced Coverage. Lower Costs.

We offer tailored, industry-specific products and pricing. As a result, we are saving practices of all sizes across the country between 15-40%!

Manage Your Risk

We provide in-house corporate counsel and claims expertise. We also offer access to a complete portfolio of risk management resources for your business.

“PT1 has showed us that there is huge value in making a change. We’ve saved close to 40 percent, the package is significantly better, and we’re exposed to less risk as a result. The decision was a no-brainer.”

- Ben Sharpe, CEO, RET Physical Therapy

While the physical therapy industry has typically seen minimal claims compared to other health care segments, the claims that do arise tend to be large and quite significant....

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The health club industry was worth 81 billion U.S. dollars worldwide in 2015, a figure not lost on the physical therapy industry looking to bulk up. More and more practices...

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