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  • Employee Discrimination Claims: Protect Your Business with Insurance Coverage and Education

    You can be sued for employment discrimination by current employees, employee guests, people who applied but weren’t hired and past employees – no matter how their employment with you ended.

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  • HIPAA Lesson Two: Insurance, Training Can Protect Against Violations Due to Employee Error, Cyber Attacks

    International cyber terrorists and criminal hackers using ransomware can breach your organization’s cybersecurity and expose business information. But when it comes to violations of HIPAA involving unauthorized access to patient protected health information (PHI), the cause may be surprisingly less complicated.

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  • HIPAA Lesson One - Top Five Compliance Issues

    There are many ways to violate HIPAA, from intentionally snooping into medical records of a former spouse to carelessly tossing patient records into the trash or leaving a message about a treatment plan on the wrong phone number.

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