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  • Four Common HIPAA Violations (And How to Avoid Them!)

    Do a quick search of recent HIPAA violations, and you’ll find headlines proclaiming multi-million dollar settlements for breaches resulting in the loss of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of patient records. Yes, it’s true that the health care industry is the number one target for cyberattacks, and you should use the technology and...

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    There are a number of good reasons to get and keep your business on track toward HIPAA compliance in 2018. For one, throughout 2017, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) issued more than $19 million in fines related to HIPAA violations. Compare that to fines in 2015 totaling approximately $6 million, and it becomes clear that businesses responsible for...

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  • Protection Against Claims: 6 Best Practices for Physical Therapists

    While the physical therapy industry has typically seen minimal claims compared to other health care segments, the claims that do arise tend to be large and quite significant. And, as the industry continues to grow and the number of patients each therapist sees increases, the risk of error and the possibility of a malpractice suit grows along with...

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