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The Hidden Risks of Telemedicine

The Hidden Risks of Telemedicine

Posted On: July 15, 2019 by VGM Insurance in: Cyber crime, Documentation, Fitness and Wellness, HIPAA Compliance, Risk Mitigation

The demand for reliable, accessible, and affordable health care services has never been greater, and the challenge of meeting it has forced the entire health care industry to reconsider its service model in recent years. Telemedicine, defined as the remote delivery of health care services over the Internet or other telecommunications infrastructure, has opened the door for providers to supply their patients with better, cheaper, and more personalized care no matter where they reside. As the need for quality care continues to grow across the nation, telemedicine promises to empower consumers with more information and control over their health care decisions than ever before, while presenting providers with an ever-expanding menu of options for where and how they can treat their patients. These new options bring new opportunities, but they also carry new risks. If you’re thinking about expanding your business by adding a telehealth offering, then you’ll want to be proactive

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