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Golf Course Service Vehicle Safety

Golf Course Service Vehicle Safety

Posted On: August 13, 2018 by VGM Insurance in: Affinity Club Underwriters Blog, Auto Safety, Golf and Hospitality, Golf Course Safety

When most people think about vehicles on a golf course, golf carts immediately come to mind. But, there’s far more four-wheeled equipment on a golf course than what your members and their guests use to traverse your track. Pickup trucks used for general maintenance and light hauling, lift trucks for landscaping and building maintenance, ATVs for service work, tractors with various attachments, and mowers are the most common types of service vehicles used on and around a golf course. Add in several dozen golf carts driven by players throughout any given day, and the risk exposure for any of those vehicles to cross paths with each other – or with pedestrians -- is fairly high. As a club owner or manager, your priority is to ensure the safety of all members, guests, and employees by mitigating your risk exposure by developing, implementing, and enforcing a strong vehicle safety program for everyone to comply with. At a minimum, the following elements should be included

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