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Real Life Claims: The Case of the Vanishing Ventilator

Real Life Claims: The Case of the Vanishing Ventilator

Posted On: October 15, 2018 by VGM Insurance in: Business Operations, Claims, Claims Case Studies, Documentation, Home Medical Equipment, Risk Mitigation

At VGM Insurance, we’re passionate about providing resources to help you mitigate risk and reduce losses. Below, you’ll find a scenario – based on a true story – that highlights the importance of proper inventory management. As you read through this real-life claims scenario, you’ll take the point of view of a provider in search of a ventilator that’s gone missing after being rented to a patient for a prolonged period of time. Costing thousands of dollars, many types of medical equipment, including ventilators, are expensive to lose. But, what can you do to protect yourself and minimize the risk of this happening to your business? After you’ve read through the story below, we’ll provide some simple tips and action items you can implement today to ensure you don’t find yourself in a situation like this. Note: You can also download a printable, PDF version of this case study to keep on-hand by clicking the button below. Unexplained

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