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Spring Has Sprung

Loss Prevention Tips

Each season presents a new set of risks every business needs to be aware of. Prepare for the summer season with these loss prevention tips.

Property Claims

Prepare against storms and accompanying lightning strikes by purchasing surge protectors for all of your electrical devices. Surge protectors are no guarantee against damage, so frequently back up data stored on your computer. Then store those disks in a location separate from your business. Also consider unplugging devices while you are away and your business is closed – it takes only a moment to do at the end of the day and could save you a headache. Air conditioning maintenance should be done in late spring. All drain pipes and tubes used to carry condensation should be free of obstructions. When the unit starts running, water can back up and cause damage to the air conditioning unit or the building interior.

Liability Claims

As winter melts away, springtime maintenance becomes critically important. Sidewalks, parking lots, and other surfaces may have suffered damage from the cold or snow removal operations. Look for uneven surfaces and cracks, and repair them before someone trips and falls. If the repair cannot be made immediately, use bright warning signs or devices to remind visitors to exercise due care.

Automobile Claims

Spring weather not only brings fast moving storms, but it also kicks off the season of outdoor activities. Be careful while driving as the road becomes crowded with motorcycles, bicycles, and joggers. Defensive driving skills must include a strategy for dealing with Mother Nature, as well. Keep an eye on the sky as high winds and hail can develop quickly. If you run into a storm, look for shelter. Parking under an overpass or bridge, in a parking ramp, or even on the down-wind side of a wall or building might help prevent hail or wind debris from damaging your vehicle. If you have a garage, make a regular effort to park in it. Your vehicle will be protected from storms as well as juveniles who might roam the neighborhood during spring and summer nights.

Workers’ Compensation Claims               

Injuries that involve repetitive motion often result in workers’ compensation claims. When working, proper body position must be maintained – especially when lifting. Lift with the legs rather than with the arms and back. Also, be careful not to reach too far forward or away from the body while lifting.

Recognize and take action when a signs of injury first arise. Most repetitive motion injuries are revealed through minor warning signs, like aches, swelling, fatigue, or slight numbness. All too often these warning signs are ignored and repetitive motion activities are continued, which lead to more serious conditions.

A program should be implemented to review proper use of equipment, to allow for rest and stretching, and to help everyone recognize early warning signs. Sometimes minor medical treatment/therapy is needed. Another proactive measure is to have braces or wraps available that will provide support. Early intervention can keep a simple strain from turning into a surgical procedure involving significant medical expense, lost time, and disruption to your business.

David A. Harnois, CCM, CPL, is a proud employee owner of VGM Insurance Services, specializing in commercial and group program business. David provides insurance solutions for clubs thru his VGM Club endorsed program. David can be reached at (319)800-6676;


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