Common HIPAA Violations

Four Common HIPAA Violations (And How to Avoid Them!)

Posted On: February 13, 2018 by VGMInsBlogger

Posted in: Business Operations, Compliance, HIPAA Compliance

Do a quick search of recent HIPAA violations, and you’ll find headlines proclaiming multi-million dollar settlements for breaches resulting in the loss of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of patient records. Yes, it’s true that the health care industry is the number one target for cyberattacks, and you should use the technology and resources available to you in order to secure your patients’ data. However, there four other common violations that fail to make the headlines but are potentially as devastating as experiencing a cyberattack. Check out these tips from our affiliate company, and leading HIPAA compliance experts, The van Halem Group.  Mishandled Medical Records With all the talk of cyberattacks, one might think that keeping all patient records as hard copy could limit exposure. It’s important to remember how easy it is to misplace a document and how difficult it can be to pin down who has accessed it. Don’t leave medical records...

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