Thank you for taking the time to inquire about VGM's Medicare/Medicaid Surety Bond. At VGM we understand your business, and though we worked hard to defeat the CMS Bond, it has become a reality. VGM Insurance values your business and promises to provide:
  • Easy, 10-minute online process
    VGM Insurance requires a minimal amount of information for the Medicare/Medicaid Surety Bonds
  • Bonds priced below the market rate.
    • Medicare Bonds priced competitively.
    • Medicaid Bonds priced competitively.
  • Multiple discounts – VGM Insurance offers several opportunities to receive discounts.
  • Medicare/Medicaid experts – We will provide the correct Surety Bond to help you stay compliant and detailed on how to submit this to Medicare/Medicaid.
  • The best bond solution in the marketplace through a partnership with Treasury-listed companies.

* Based on meeting all discount requirements *

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