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The milk has been spilled, the ship has sailed, Elvis has left the building… in other words, what’s done is done.  Your credit has suffered and you can’t undo it (quickly anyways).  The problem is you still have a home medical equipment business to run and if you want to keep billing Medicare you still need to get a Medicare surety bond. credit score

  1. Pay all non-credit card debts off and keep your monthly bills paid on time, every time.  Avoid collections.  Bad credit is like sunburn; it’s going to hurt worse later, it takes time to get over and is better to be avoided.
  2. Get a few smaller balance credit cards, use them for small and manageable purchases and get them paid in full every month to rebuild your credit.  Consider combining this with suggestion #2.
  3. Check your credit report and check it often.  Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your credit.  One mistake on your report could make a huge difference to your bigger picture and your business future.
  4. Read.  Go to your local library, your local credit bureau and online and read all you can about credit and credit repair.  Take the tips and advice to heart and to practice.


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