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While Medicare Surety Bonds have been around since 2009, there are no doubt people in the O&P or DME industries that are either new to them or could use a refresher course on surety bonds. As a leading surety bond provider, VGM Insurance is offering a surety bond refresher course in this month’s newsletter.  

Beware of Bad Medicare Surety Bonds Too good to be true bonds? There are deceptive, shady and just all-around crooked groups out here that will offer surety bond rates that are too good to be true. Remember that if the bond rate sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Your business is too important to entrust to an insurer that you can’t trust.  Entrust your company and business life with VGM Insurance and you won’t have to worry. You know the answers you receive from VGM Insurance will be factual and honest. We will be here to answer your questions when you need us. You just need to take the first step and log on to the VGM Insurance Bond Page. Fill out the 10 minute form and you are on the way to getting the surety bonds needed for your business.   Texas, Florida & Alabama Specific Medicare Surety Bonds VGM Insurance offers those harder-to-find bonds that are required in specific states. We offer a Florida Medicaid bond, which is required for companies billing durable medical equipment/DME to Medicaid in the state of Florida. We also offer a Texas Medicaid bond, which is required for companies billing DME to Medicaid in the state of Texas and a Texas EMS bond, which is required for Ambulance company owners billing Texas Medicaid. If you need more information on these specific bonds, please contact the VGM Insurance bond department today.   Now that you know more about the surety bonds and understand when you need them, where do you start? Start at the VGM Insurance Surety Bond page. The experts at VGM Insurance have made the process as simple and as painless as possible, and it should only take you about 10 minutes to complete our online application. The Medicare surety bond experts are here to assist you by phone at 866-497-0472 if you need us.


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