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Homeowners Near the Golf Course: How to Respect Your Neighbors AND Manage Your Risk

Posted On: July 14, 2021

Homeowners Near the Golf Course: How to Respect Your Neighbors AND Manage Your Risk

Owning a home on the edge of a golf course is a dream come true for many. Not only do they enjoy prime proximity to their favorite game, golf course homeowners also benefit from increased property values, expansive views, and access to amenities like restaurants and pools. These property owners usually find the bothers of an occasional stray golf ball or noisy golfers small prices to pay for such a prime location.

That is, until a more significant incident occurs. When homes, cars, or, less often, people are severely damaged by golf balls, homeowners usually cannot identify the golfers responsible. Which means if they’re looking for someone to blame, it will be your club. While courts rarely rule against golf courses—homeowners assume the risk—lawsuits can be time-consuming and costly. Maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship with homeowners is important to keeping costs down.

Follow these tips to protect your bottom line as well as your reputation.

1. Respect homeowners' property. 

There isn’t always a lot you can do after homes and your course are constructed, but do your best to proactively protect your neighbors’ property. Use strategically placed nets to collect stray balls. If you discover a particularly troubling spot, consider moving tees, greens, or trees.

Make sure your maintenance crews keep clippings and equipment away from yards, pools, and sidewalks. Address all complaints quickly and efficiently. Your efforts will be appreciated if incidents arise.

2. Respect homeowners' environment. 

While you obviously need course maintenance and construction to occur during early morning hours, try to be as considerate as possible of your neighbors. Schedule your loudest projects in later hours if you can. Go out of your way to notify neighbors prior to unusually disruptive projects. Even an attempt to reduce noise can go a long way toward keeping the peace.

Pesticides can also be a nuisance to homeowners. Over-spraying chemicals can wreak havoc on your neighbors’ flowers and lawns. Take care to keep chemicals as contained as possible, and explore ways to control runoff. When possible, choose natural alternatives that won’t harm nearby landscapes.

3. Remind golfers to be respectful. 

Educate golfers on proper etiquette and remind them regularly to respect neighboring homes. While golf course homeowners expect certain levels of noise and understand the impacts on their privacy, they should not have to tolerate excessively loud groups or rude gawkers. Private property should be clearly marked, and you should deal with any complaints expediently. Whether courts will find your club liable or not, if you operate a golf course, you have an obligation to exercise care of your neighbors’ property. Beyond liability, your good name is at risk. Being a good neighbor is good for your reputation, which in turn, is good for business.



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