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Education for members through VGM Insurance, VGM Education Partnership

VGM Insurance has partnered with VGM Education to provide continuing education to members. Courses are designed to help you deal with business challenges by giving you the information needed to educate employees to remain compliant and mitigate risk. Many courses feature safety and human resources concepts that apply to any business.

What courses are members taking? The top 10 VGMU Online Learning courses are all compliance courses required to maintain accreditation:

  • Understanding HIPAA
  • Working with HIPAA
  • Universal Precautions and Infection Control for the HME Industry
  • Health Care Workers and Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment Training for Employees
  • OSHA Overview
  • Safety in the Workplace – Part 1
  • Safety in the Workplace – Part 2
  • Fire Extinguisher Systems

“We continually think about our members’ needs and develop courses and programs that allow them to keep employees up to date in their training in a cost-effective and convenient way,” said Greg Schmitz, president, VGM Education.

For example, annual required courses are accessed most often for continuing education through VGMU, with HIPAA leading the way. Content is regularly reviewed to better ensure that members are learning what they need to know. Jill Blaser, VGM Education design and development manager, recently revamped HIPAA courses to include additional information about issues related to the electronic storage or transmittal of patient protected health care information. You can learn about HIPAA as it relates to social media and text messaging, for example. Case studies detail real life examples of the interplay between HIPAA and technology – and hefty penalties for getting it wrong.

The subject has been divided into three VGMU courses to make scheduling more manageable while still providing in-depth knowledge. HIPAA, a subject required by accrediting bodies, is a mainstay of the accreditation skill profile.

“The accreditation profile is the most often assigned profile by performance managers. All of the topics in the accreditation profile are required to be taken annually by each employee at the company,” said Megan Kraft, VGM Education team lead.

Many performance managers who sign up for VGMU are looking for an affordable and time-effective way to get the accreditation requirements for their staff, Kraft said. VGMU member subscribers benefit from being able to assign courses and track their employees’ progress through completion reports. CEUs are approved by various credentialing organizations.

“When the accreditation site surveyor comes, they can hand them a report from VGMU which pulls completions for all employees rather than search for a bunch of certificates and sign-in sheets from in-services or off-site training,” Kraft said.

But many learners go beyond what’s required. Every year, VGMU subscribers dedicated thousands of course hours to learning beyond what’s necessary for accreditation. The top five courses beyond the typical accreditation package were:

  • Disaster Preparedness for the HME Supplier
  • Customer Service Strategies
  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities
  • Handling Complaints
  • Back Safety

Although employees are assigned specific courses to take, most performance managers allow full access to the course catalog. “They can take what interests them,” Kraft said.

VGMU subscriptions are the most cost-effective option for continuing education, but courses and programs are also available a la carte through the online store, There are also programs that enhance learning beyond the VGMU subscription, such as Reimbursement Master Program, U.S. Rehab’s Seating and Mobility Master Program, and Certified Environmental Access Consultant (C.E.A.C) Program.

If you are not a current VGMU Online Learning user, please contact Megan Kraft at 888-786-6628 to discuss course options.


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